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About the Author:
Möller sees himself as a student of Life. He has studied and practiced most of the Eastern systems of meditation, including Zen, Hinayana Buddhism, Dzogchen and  Advaita Vedanta and he has a thorough understanding of western psychology and philisophy. However, Moller’s work is completely original and is founded in his own personal experience. His explanation of Direct Awareness is unique and could be seen as a radical departure from all forms of seeking unification through mystical absorption.

Möller has a passion for going beyond mere description, intellectual understanding and knowledge, directing his enquiry instead to the heart of the human spirit and the possibility of sustainable self-transcendent living. For Möller a single question has to be answered: how to live fully and completely as a human being.

It is this question that has prompted Möller to remain resolute in his own self-enquiry and self-transcendent work, the expression of which is shared in his first book: Spirituality Without God.

Möller, and his wife Lize, have recently moved to a small and quiet  beachfront town, Sedgefield – a serene little enclave on the south coast of South Africa with access to a magnificent lagoon and miles of white, unspoilt, sandy beaches. From here Moller hopes to further facilitate his message which points to the profound potential of human life freed from dogma, superstition and conditioned living.

Möller welcomes creative and well-considered interaction with those who have read, studied and experimented with his work.  He also encourages sincere seekers after truth and spiritual life to discuss with him their individual paths and experiences.  You may directly contact Moller at: mollerdlr(at)

Please replace (at) in the email address above with the normal ‘@’ sign.