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Topic: Daily Quote from: Spirituality Without God
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Daily Quote from: Spirituality Without God
on: October 6, 2011, 17:49


Here is another part from Chapter two: SPIRITUAL HUMANISM: The Quest for Human-centric Spirituality



…A new energy has to be brought into the equation of human problem-solving. A new light has to dawn for humanity. A new, different kind of intelligent participation in our inner functioning as well as the instruments we use for this functioning has to be facilitated from within our human potential if we were not to repeat our misapprehensions and mistakes of the past.

The speed with which we destroy the natural resources of our planet; the rampant materialism to which we dedicate so much of our valuable human resources; the superficiality of our emotional responses; our unlove and self-interest; the corruption in all our institutions; the devastating wars; our political and religious divisions – these are all direct consequences of our failure to understand our human situation in its functional reality. As the creators of our own world, individual self-knowledge is of vital importance if we are to establish a more humane society.

Spiritual Humanism suggests that we open ourselves up and sensitize ourselves to the vast well of human ability that have been obscured by all the traditional explanations of who and what we are and how this interpreted version of human life should relate to its world and the presumed Beyond.

Paradoxically this ‘new’ energy is as old as humankind itself. The kind of enquiry which Spiritual Humanism suggests is therefore not to be associated with a categorical movement away from our ordinary lives into the realms of our gods. Rather, it describes a gradual unfolding of our true, natural and holistic condition. Through practical and effective forms of self-enquiry we are encouraged to wake up from all the dreams and beliefs that limit and control our lives. This awakening into conscious awareness of our natural condition has been our potential ever since we started to notice ourselves as human beings. In fact, human life already inheres in a depth of true intelligence and compassionate emotional responsiveness, but these have never revealed themselves as the functional basis of interaction and relationship. Rather they have been obscured through a lack of self-reflection and self-knowledge.

We have no-one to blame. Not even ourselves. We have simply never been made fully aware of our true human potential. Spiritual Humanism suggests that the time has arrived for us to fall back onto our own human resources, to have faith in ourselves and to discover the human-centric functional measure for a truly humane interaction with life. This necessitates a profound enquiry into every aspect of our being – including exploring the vast potential within the transcendent (non-self) truth of human existence. And it is this enquiry which validates the word ‘spiritual’ as an integral component of Spiritual Humanism. If we do not allow for self-transcendent living, we will end up with the kind of rampant materialism evidenced in modern life which cannot but lead to nihilism, bewilderment, cynicism, a deepening of fragmentation and inner and outer conflict……

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Re: Daily Quote from: Spirituality Without God
on: October 8, 2011, 14:55

Splendid, as usual! :-)

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