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Topic: Daily Quote from: Spirituality Without God
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Daily Quote from: Spirituality Without God
on: September 28, 2011, 04:54


Another quote from Chapter One: Vision and Practice



…. True measure pivots on true discernment. And discernment is a direct reflection of our ability to see the false for the false, the limited for the limited and the fragmented for the frag-mented. Such is the nature of all recognition based on intelligence and an open-ended spirit of enquiry. Through such deep and penetrating insight into the world of the known, we gradually regain our confidence, and begin to see for ourselves the depths of both our illusory ways of doing things, and the tremendous potential inherent in the mere fact of being human.

The quest is wide open. There are no rules for self-enquiry and human development. There are only more or less useful ways for approaching our sense of limited being. And as our enquiry develops, we realize that all limitation is a result of a false sense of inner and outer fragmentation. But to investigate our Gods, our saviors and our spiritual traditions as being poten-tially part of this total field of delusory thought projections, and not to assume that these automatically fall within the category of revealed truth, require a very alive and open attitude. Throughout the ages we have come to accept so many things as irreducible statements of truth and fact that we tend no longer to question these. Yet, these have become an integral part of that which obscures the revelation of our true and simple hu-maneness.

This open-minded and openhearted disposition will soon lead us to a new and more comprehensive vision of the truth of human life and establish our realistic relationship to this. Every-thing needs our careful consideration and free spirit of enquiry. The more time we allow, the more relaxed our enquiry will be. And the more relaxed our enquiry, the greater the potential for us to come to a sound, reasonable and realistic feeling-sense of things before we enter into the path of our choice.

This concludes Chapter One.

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