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Topic: Daily quote from: Spirituality Without God
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Daily quote from: Spirituality Without God
on: September 25, 2011, 06:14


From Chapter One: Vision and Practice.



So, unless we remain sensitive to this conflict of interest between our psychological demand for security, safety and inertia, on the one hand, and the open-ended, rather insecure nature of discovering a new life of wholeness and integral living, on the other, we may indiscriminately enter upon the first path that presents itself to us which holds out the slightest promise of psychological security. We tend to agree with what we know. But it is exactly this conditioned knowing, mistaken for insight and clarity, that often compels us to seek for freedom from within the boundaries of prior bondage. And we will do this for no other reason but for our inability to endure the relative insecurity which characterizes any true search for freedom.

We cannot hold the humanization of our being to ransom. We need to realize that our search for freedom is a search away from the field of the known into the possibility of being informed by other, more intelligent instruments than conditioned rationality and mere emotional reactivity. In fact, it will become evident that it is the field of identified, conditioned knowledge that is the source of un-freedom and unhappiness. Unless we can establish ourselves in the correct attitude towards this enquiry as a whole, we will soon find ourselves back in bondage as a consequence of our inability to live with the discomfort of the insecurity inherent in any form of creative change. In such a case, the path we have chosen to deliver us from bondage will become a mere extension of our suffering.

Once we have established this open-ended attitude, characterized by an alive and vibrant spirit of enquiry, we will be in a considerably better position to discern between the many teachings offered to us, and whether we should enter into any one specific teaching altogether. We could study the offerings of the great traditions, but we need to remain guarded against becoming influenced and conditioned by these teachings before we have given every aspect of our initial motivation our most dedicated consideration. ……

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