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Topic: Osho on Meditation
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Osho on Meditation
on: April 7, 2011, 11:43

Meditation is going beyond the mind. It has nothing to do with the mind — except going beyond it. It is not a faculty of the mind, it is transcendental to mind. When you can see without the mind in between you and existence, you are in meditation. It is not concentration. It is utterly silent. It is not focusing… it is absolutely unfocused awareness. (Osho)

Moller comment:

Osho is right: on the deepest level meditation is matter of direct being (the direct experience of 'what is')rather than any state state of mind, concentration or attention.

However, in my communications I point out that to get grounded in this condition of being, much preparatory work needs to be done. For mind (as thought controlled reality) not to dominate present experience it has to be trained not to interfere when it is not required for useful purposes. This kind of preliminary exercises are explained in detail in many of my writings, and I would encourage the reader to read these, or to discover for themselves how to get the mind out of the picture when it is not needed for appropriate present functioning.

Before the mind is under control, it will always tend to interfere with the complete openness and efortlessness of the state Osho describes above. Direct being is indeed our potential, but for it to manifest or reveal itself as our natural condition, the field of experience has to be prepared thoroughly otherwise mind will just sneak in and again take control the situation.

Much of what we generally refer to as 'spiritual practice', is nothing but such preliminary work. It has all to do with mind and going beyond it. It is indeed preliminary, as true spirituality cannot reveal itself while we remain fascinated and controlled by the monkey-mind.

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