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Topic: Freedom or Bondage? The choice is ours.
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Freedom or Bondage? The choice is ours.
on: March 31, 2011, 10:43

Dear friends,

Our world has indeed entered one of its most noteworthy periods of change – politically (read new world government), financially (read new global reserve currency to replace USD), unprecedented control of the people by their 'elected' governments, universal corruption, lies and treachery by those who pretend to be our leaders, a disheartening decline in moral living, non-violent solving of international problems, the rampant abuse of man by man and a general degradation of everything that is humane within human life.

There is indeed little hope for us to survive our human experiment on the basis of our deeper nature, our inherent sanity, compassion and insightful intelligence. We have specialized in an aspect of human potential where we grope in the darkness and sadness of our own making for a dawn we might believe is present, but what we have lost sight of due to our lack of will and determination to reach beyond our present condition of bewilderment, hypnotization, conditioning, emotional pain, prejudices, greed, materialism and general degeneration.

We may naively believe that our personal situation is different. That we, as we are and the way we care to live, are different, honest, open-hearted and intelligent. But, dear friends, the truth is that we are caught in a paradigm for living, inwardly and outwardly, which points to a rather different picture. The truth is we are asleep, caught in a dream of our own making – a dream where everything is possible, and where we can no longer discriminate between right and wrong behavior, good and bad, moral and immoral, darkness and light, intelligence and stupidity.

The dream we live is a sad case of mistaken identity, as we remain unaware that our entire life is lived within this dream and that everything we dramatize every day, is nothing but the dream dictating our actions. Our very view of who we believe we are (separate and separated from everything else as the separate self-sense) is integral to the dream we are caught in and which holds us bondage in the painful and distressing circumstance we trustingly explore as though it has anything whatsoever to do with life and living within the freedom of our natural condition.

We believe we are fully awake, aware and conscious. We believe we can make rational choices and that we are generally most reasonable creatures in the face of the challenges life presents to us. Sadly, this is not true. We are not only deeply conditioned, making mostly mere mechanical, limited and fragmented 'decisions' about matters affecting us, we live in the dream of our thinking, mistaking thought for reality. Being totally identified with this instrument of thought, we stumble along the path of life in the darkness of unintelligent responses to challenges, mistaking the reality thought has created for us as the core of who and what we are.

We believe our separateness, our thought projections and the emotional responses these elicit within our emotional being to be the center of our self-identification.

What we do not generally appreciate is that all identification is nothing but part of the dream. The separate self uses identification to hide from its own desperate sense of loneliness and isolation. When it finds something with which it can identify, this thing becomes of supreme importance. This is the stuff from which religions, nationalities, family pride, and personal pride and prejudice is made. It is also the trigger which hypnotizes us into a state which will go to war on the basis of defending these absurd notions of inner contradiction we call identification. We are not only chronic thinkers, we are more or less totally identified with this single instrument. Lack of self-knowledge makes us believe that we are nothing more than our thinking. It deludes us into an understanding of life which is fragmented, inhumane, conditioned, limited, self-absorbed and generally rather low on the scale of humaneness.

We have become so blindly habituated to this state of delusion we call conscious living, that we never question the basis on which our lives function. We do not observe how we act from one state of hypnotization to another. We are asleep within the state we believe is our ordinary waking condition. And it is this unconsciousness within us which gives those who want to control our lives, the power over us. Through the total control of public media, we are gradually denuded of our ability to think for ourselves. We think as everyone else thinks, because we get informed by the same propaganda everyone else uses as their sources of information.

Democracy, dear friends, as we fondly like to think of it, is as dead in the USA as it is in the rest of the West. The politicians are merely the interface between those who control money and us as the proletariat. And what I am suggesting is that we, each in our individual way of functioning as hypnotized, conditioned and thought-dominated creatures are responsible for their success. Not only that, we are also responsible for the general mess of the world today, founded on our own inner confusion and bewilderment. We simply do not know ourselves, and we do not care sufficiently to do so, in order to wake up from this dream of self-conscious separateness which remains deeply indebted for its functioning and confused order to uninspected, unconscious processes operating within us continually.

In my communications (and books) I constantly endeavor to describe the processes whereby we get habituated into this state of subtle (and not so subtle) unawareness. I encourage folks to work side by side with me in order for all of us to wake out of the dream of self-delusion and to wake into the reality of the totality of human life itself. But because of the control over our being by thought which we sanction and give life and energy to every time we strengthen the habits of self-consciousness, most of us prefer to look the other way and to carry on as though the house is not on fire.

So deluded in their self-conscious folly, that that only the very rare few appreciate the notion that for us to fulfill our destiny as true human beings, we need to become fully human. We can no longer afford to live in the shadow of our own mental creations, mistaking these for our true identity. Waking up is possible. But this requires our real interest and dedication.

Do you, dear reader, want to wake up from the dream you are living? Would you even consider the possibility that you are indeed living a 'reality' within a dream of your own making rather than life itself? Is life fulfilling its promises for you? Can you truly afford to carry on with the way you function as a limited form of self-contraction – being totally identified with this creature of your own making? Do you see any value at all in the possibility of freedom from self, your presumed self, and that it is hugely responsible for so much of our human failure and mischief?

If this is your interest, I implore you, work with me along the lines I suggest. I am not remotely interested to have disciples or followers or to create new personality addicts. My interest is to set all of us free from that which dominates and controls us. The world has reached a critical point in terms of our human evolution. If we fail our calling as human beings now, we will be destined to continue being volitionally enslaved by our own inner activities founded on a complete lack of self-knowledge.

And as I said before, it is this fundamental ignorance about the way we function that gives those who make it their life's ambition to manipulate and control us, the tools to continue doing so unimpeded by any resistance from that which is truly humane within us. The truth is, a free mind and heart cannot be conditioned and therefore controlled, other than by physical force. As yet, at least in the West, what we face is not so much physical cohersion, but mental and emotional propaganda which we accept unconsciously while we remain caught in the clutches of our own self-centered, confused condition.

I am here only to point us all in the direction of our own failures as human beings and to try and bring a measure of clarity to the confusion we dramatize as life and living. This is both my privilege and my pleasure. The path, however, is yours, and yours alone. Only you can walk through the door of your own misapprehensions about life and yourself. I ask you to carefully, and open-heartedly consider the insights I bring to your attention. Everything has to be examined. This is the first step in the waking up process.

It is my sincere hope that in the process you will not only set yourself completely free from everything delusional about your own life, but also that my communications would become unnecessary as your own understanding and self-knowledge grows and matures.

Please consider a meaningful, heart-felt and critical response to this missive and let us share our different paths together.

Hand in hand,


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