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Topic: Attending your own funeral
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Attending your own funeral
on: January 28, 2011, 10:43

In response to one of weallone's replies, Tenthman wrote:

>>In regards to what you wrote…"And rare is the one who can truly perceive and relinquish the intricate subtleties of self deception, with it's myriad tentacles of identity"…I sure don't lump myself into that category.

Not sure how anyone could deliberately dissolve themselves without reinforcing the "dissolver"! Sounds about as futile as yelling at an echo to go away! :-) Sort of like the person who wants to attend their own funeral! :-)>>


Yes, Tenthman, you are absolutely right. The 'dissolver' cannot dissolve itself.

However, if this was the only truth about our ability or not to rid ourselves from the complexity we call self-consciousness, the separate self-sense or 'I', then we were indeed faced with a serious dilemma. If all attempts to 'dissolve' the 'I'-state were determined by the very state to be dissolved, there would be no hope for us as humans ever to free ourselves from ourselves.

So, the most fundamental question any aspirant 'dissolver' can ask themselves is: Is there a way of dissolving the ego/I without strengthening it in the process? As you so rightly point out, the ego is nothing but an echo in the corridors of our mind, and shouting for it to go away would be futile. It will bounce back and become more entrenched the louder we shout.

So what are we to do?

The way I approach this matter is quite simple. Rather than attempting to dissolve the ego from the disposition of the ego-state itself, the way I propose is to come to as much clarity as possible with regard to how and when this thing we call ego or 'I'comes into being. Once we become fully aware of the manner in which the separate self-sense comes into being, and from there takes control of our life, such self-knowledge makes it possible for us to observe this process of self-manifestation as it arises.

We become aware of how it gathers energy in the form of thought and attention,and discover ways by which we could relax out of the state of contraction. The methods for relaxing away from the self-contraction as it arises, I describe in considerable detail in my books. But the principle is clear: Care not about trying to correct the error of the presumption of self or separateness. Rather, through awareness notice its formation processes and divise ways for not participating in them. Over time the separate self-sense loses energy and gradually falls away quite naturally through non-use.

The 'I' is never the problem. It is our identification with it which is. And part of its apparent reality is the profound value we give to it once it has formed itself in any given moment. If we relentlessly undermine the arising and formation of the 'I'-state as it arises, identification with it withers and so there is never a need to try to 'dissolve' the 'I'-state once it is formed.

We have to appreciate that the 'I'-state is never a 'thing'. While the 'I' is present, it is a continual manifestation of an inward process we are generally unaware of. Once we sensitize ourselves to this process which results in the manifestation of the separate self-sense, we begin to interfere in its creation and self-maintenance, thereby reducing its apparent reality.

In this way we never directly attend to our own funeral. We simply pre-empt the formation of that which we believe needs to be buried. The 'I' is not something to shout at, or to dissolve. We have to go before the formation of the 'I', or even during its formation, or while it is operating within us, and become aware of what we do inwardly to allow the manifestation of this creature. Then, in the relaxed light of our own clarity, and with the assistance of our deeper intelligence which functions in the circumstance of greater awareness,the 'I' state becomes transparent, and finally falls away as a measureable dilemma in our life.

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