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Topic: Meditation has changed my life
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Meditation has changed my life
on: December 16, 2010, 15:07

Your work has changed my life! I am glad to report that my meditation has matured into an experience unlike any I have ever encountered. At first I did not understand the freeness of the experience. Now I welcome all thoughts and allow myself to observe. When I settle down I accept the present thought and direct myself into the deeper calmness. It seems that at times I end up in a state of total relaxation mind, body, and spirit. Obviously I expect to continue meditating and feel I will grow and mature even farther. I sit totally relaxed and experience body sensations simply by allowing myself to do so. If I have an itch or notice some sensation I can bring my focus to it and it is gone or becomes an experience. Very difficult to explain in words. I have been meditating for months now, almost daily, and am very happy with the progress. At the beginning my purpose or focus was too strong or motivated. Over time it just evolved. For me it is just something that I had to do over and over and allow to happen. I do not claim to have mastered anything. I am simply relaying this experience in the best words available to me.

Even though I said that my beginning was flawed, it was necessary to get me to where I am now. It was the persistence and quite that has taken me to this level of meditation. It is beautiful to know that this peace is available to me. I need nothing to experience it. Everything can be taken from me but when in this meditative state none of it matters. I relax my hands and notice that I cannot discern the fingers or thumb. The hand is just there. I cannot tell if it is floating in air or resting on my body even though it is resting.

I guess the feeling or experience is like being awake while asleep while able to remain conscious and not dreaming. I think it is fair to mention that this deep meditative state is not a daily occurrence. It just happens when it happens.

I need to focus on my daily actions and allow myself to live in the present without preconditioned responses. This to will take time.

I was seeking something real that I felt was out there and available to all of us. I was and am dedicated to improving my life. Your book has inspired me and has me on my path. Never before have I experienced true peace. No psychiatrist or religious guru could have helped me the way I have helped myself through your work.

If I never progressed another step I would be content being where I am now. You sir have been my answer. Imagine how the mainstream populace would be today had we been taught to live from within instead of chasing idealistic dreams or religions.

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Re: Meditation has changed my life
on: December 16, 2010, 18:22

Dear LivingLife,

Welcome to our forum! And thank you for this heart-warming description of how the initial meditation practice I describe in 'The Only Awakening' has helped you to feel more grounded, as well as experiencing a deep sense of connection to life.

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