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on: December 14, 2010, 16:23

Modern living, with instant replies to just about every aspect of life, has somehow not produced the happiness, integral living and freedom from suffering we read about in our spiritual magazines, lady's glossies, New Age chatter leaflets and other readily available forms of 'uplifting' commercial literature. Its not unlike the great figures we see splashed on the covers of all the health magazines, yet, few of us ever attain those heights of physical perfection. Yet, we keep buying these magazines, month after month. Why do we do this? Is it for mere entertainment, or is there perhaps some kind of genuine hope lurking in the background?

Entertainment is a self-fulfilling activity. But hope is different. The hope of a better, more integrated, whole life, has the vague sense of something genuine waiting for us in the future. We somehow know it is there, waiting for us to fulfill us, enriching our lives. And perhaps this might even be true.

But is hope the only ingredient for successful living? In fact, is hope not part of a subtle escape from reality where we prefer not to look life in the face and meet its challenges directly, and rather project some kind of dream into the future, and as long as it remains a futuristic event, we are safe in the 'knowledge' of its evetual attainment. And so we continue in our mediocrity while hope becomes the energy that drives the emptiness of our daily existence. Nothing changes, because nothing has to change right here and now, as everything will work out at some ill-defined point in the future.

The fact of human life is that what we do not transcend or free ourselves from today, becomes material for a destiny founded on exactly these uninspected issues we prefer to believe will resolve themselves in the future. In this way we remain tethered to a destiny we create for ourselves, often not realising to which extent we are indeed the creators and sustainers of our own sorrow.

Yet, when someone comes along and points out to us the folly of our ways, we often rejct such kind advice, or we listen but simply ignore it, and even when we do take it to heart, make the fatal error of telling ourselves that 'we should really do something about this'. And there, in the lethargy of our own habitual living, lies piled up the good advice, the personal insights, the hearing of our own little voice telling us something beautiful and deep about ourselves, the resolutions, the moments of clarity – all wasting away simply because we cannot muster the energy to take up our cross and do something about our life here and now.

But we are our only hope. No-one can bring light into the darkness of our uninspected living. What we leave unattended, will remain a dark hole where much mischief will fester and disturb our clarity, well-being and sanity in the future. The work is alwyas here and now. There is no future. The future is a mental construct, mistaken for reality. It is empty of true substance and sadly always empty of hope. The only hope is in the present. There is no other hope. It is the moment when hope and action meet, that true change becomes possible. And change is the only factor to transform that which binds us into a living reality free from it.

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on: December 15, 2010, 19:59

A beautiful reminder of how we can blame no-one else for the pain caused by our uninspected lives…

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