1) At its deepest and most simplified  level, human experience exhibits a wholeness of being which expresses itself as unconditioned intelligence, emotional well-being, love and empathy.

2)  This wholeness is always present and available to human life, yet it abides as mere potential until the obscurations within the body-mind which prevent its natural unfolding have been recognized and transcended.

3) The pivotal factor of division, fragmentation, human-created suffering and emotional disorder  is the belief in a separate self which forms the basis  of all uninspected living.

4) Dualistic vision is therefore  a direct consequence of this presumed inner entity called the ‘I’ .

5) While the ‘I’-conscious state dominates human experience, wholeness is obscured, and fragmented living becomes the basis for all interaction with life.

6) To be a Humanist in the fullest sense of the word, is therefore to embrace both the potential for the unfolding, and the direct experience of non-duality or wholeness as an integral aspect of human life.

7)  Because this non-dual truth of the living moment is essentially a human phenomenon to be realized by all who allow for its manifestation, non-duality is therefore not the preserve of some presumed metaphysical Self, Brahman, Godhead, or any other Unifying Essence – all of which are projected by traditional spirituality as having Their existence both prior to, and after, the appearance of human life.

8) The word ‘spiritual’ in the term ‘Spiritual Humanism’ reflects the total field of subtle human experiences such as love, compassion, wholeness or non-duality, intelligence, pure emotional response-ability, emotional equanimity, reasonableness, softness of heart, human warmth, altered states of conscious awareness, insight, intuition and  deep states of inner absorption.  It further includes the appropriate use of instruments such as memory, attention, the sense of awareness and rational thinking in their relation to the diversity of that which appears in the human field of present arising.

9) Spiritual life is therefore a human affair and the fulfillment of human life is the fulfillment of spiritual life.

10) Because to be whole neither implies a merging with Anything greater than human life itself, such as the spiritual traditions project,  nor any longer to stand in the blinding light of dualistic vision, wholeness or non-duality is neither one nor two.

11) Wholeness or non-duality is the mere sense of non-dual reality which remains alive as a human experience when the inner, fragmented and alienated sense of ‘I’-consciousness has been recognized as fundamentally false, and subsequently transcended through right practice and right living.

12) Non-duality is not to be found as an exclusive property somewhere ‘within’ the body-mind.  Non-duality or wholeness is the complete identification between the sense of being aware and the content which appears as form within this awareness.  In this regard, no distinction could be made between the content of awareness and the awareness of content.

13)  Where matter and awareness cannot be separated into two categorically different entities or processes, matter can not be described as self-existing.

14)  Where no clear distinction could be made between matter and awareness, the diversity of appearances within  manifest existence does not imply duality.

15)  In the human context, there is no such experience as content-less awareness. Awareness can therefore not be an object of inner contemplation, neither can it contemplate itself

16)  No sustainable emotional equanimity or the functioning of the deeper intelligence associated with the non-dual revelation is possible without addressing and transcending the deep emotional shadow material which fundamentally controls and prejudices intelligent human behavior in general and, more specifically, inhibits responsive and dependable  human relationships .

17) No sustainable intelligent and creative interaction with the world is possible without observing and transcending mental conditioning which projects and transfers itself onto the simplicity of human experience.

18)  Meditation facilitates the gradual movement through the disorder of the fragmented, conditioned and emotionally scarred human psyche to the unfolding of the natural non-dual potential within all human experience.

19)  Human life itself is the path, the practice and the fulfillment of the practice.

20) A re-look at, and a radical re-cognition of,  the entire process of the spiritualization of human life are required to free this enquiry from the binding and distorting  dogmas of traditional religious and spiritual conformity.

21)  A new, truly Humanistic vision of spiritual life, based on nothing but the unfolding and development of humankind’s deepest potential for integral living, has to be explored as a matter of profound urgency.

22) God, as the ultimate projection of human well-being, order, beauty and happiness, should no longer, in any form whatsoever, be  the basis of an uncompromisingly humanistic enquiry into the inherent spiritual nature of human existence.

23) Mind as the slayer of truth, is the consequence of nothing other than the indiscriminate, conditioned, habitual and uninspected use of human faculties such as attention, thought, emotional response and the functioning of awareness in relation to these.

24) The ‘I’-conscious state is the culmination within the psychophysical being of all forms of uninspected, unconscious and habitual human functioning.

24)  The false is real until re-cognized as such.  The false can only be seen as the false when informed by the awakened intelligence inherent to the non-dual truth of the living moment.

25)  The path is a conscious  inversion upon every aspect of inner contraction within the body-mind, and not a projected movement towards that which is presumed to be the Ultimate.

26) Human life is as real as every aspect of present human experience, whether pleasurable or painful. There is nothing more Real than human life itself. Both delusion and truth are functions of human existence and are perfectly real in themselves.

27) Humankind has never fallen from Grace.  Those who struggle in the web of self-created destiny, have simply never been anywhere else.  The truth of non-duality lies dormant, as potential only,  within the living experience of every moment or present arising, until allowed to become self-evident through appropriate practice and correct living.

28)  The truth of non-dual present arising cannot be destroyed by any human activity.  It can only be obscured.

29) There is no Other.  There is only This.  And ‘This’ is always, and only, nothing but perfectly, and simply, human.


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