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The first edition of my book: Spirituality Without God has now completely sold out. May I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to those who have purchased this book and to the great many readers who have given me such overwhelmingly positive and insightful feedback. Many of your constructive suggestions have been incorporated into the material shared in the new book to make it a truly accessible instrument for spiritual unfolding.

My new book: THE ONLY AWAKENING addresses the core themes of my work in lucid, non-technical language and should speak directly to the heart  and mind of those who feel a deep need for a realistic, original and integral approach to spiritual development.  THE ONLY AWAKENING contains illuminating new articles, replies to questions from readers of Spirituality Without God, and offers new insights into the immediate availability of awakened living.



The SPIRITUAL HUMANIST FELLOWSHIP has its roots in the insights shared in my book: The Only Awakening. Although this book offers a clear and detailed path to the spiritualization of human life, from the many letters I have received from readers and students, it  appears that many would appreciate a central forum where they could communicate with one another, explore this teaching in relation to the other great traditions and share their valuable insights and experiences to others on a regular basis.

I regard my own work as seminal and exploratory. I am well aware that it is seldom given to a single individual to present a complete and coherent  teaching for spiritual awakening.  Although founded on personal experience, I believe that my vision of Spiritual Humanism requires creative input from other sincere and dedicated folks who, no doubt considerably more talented in this direction than I am, could greatly enhance the effectiveness and meaning of this message. In this way The Spiritual Humanist Fellowship could become a conduit for the exploration and further elucidation of the broad principles of Spiritual Humanism as a practical guide to human-centric spiritual development.

Members of this Fellowship are encouraged to write articles on any aspect of their religious experience or understanding. This Fellowship is not only for those who are interested in gaining a better understanding of Spiritual Humanism.  All of us are human beings, which places everyone in the broad category of ‘humanists’.  And all of us seek (or perhaps have already found) meaning and well-being, happiness and love, care and compassion and we are blessed with a natural inclination to share our intuition, grasp and experience of these qualities also with those near and around us.  This makes us all spiritual at heart.  How we allow for the unfolding of the spiritual within our ordinary human condition seems to me one of the challenges all true enquiry into life and living may have to get to grips with. This is also  one of the central themes within Spiritual Humanism.

Spiritual Humanism is clear about it its own message. However, it remains fully alert to its own potential failings and shortcomings.  Human life is a complicated and many-faceted experience.  No readily available answers present themselves.  We have to live and discover for ourselves as we go along. Spiritual Humanism can only point in the direction of its own understanding and insight. It claims no divine inspiration, no authority, and requires no signing on the dotted line. It is up to each of us how we embrace our own conscious participation in the spiritualization of our life.  Members of this Fellowship may come from a diversity of religious and spiritual/philosophical backgrounds.  We welcome all, as we all appear to share one fundamental question about our individual approach to life: is it possible that we are not living and actualizing the refined teachings of our particular religion or spiritual path?  If so, what is it we do which brings about this schism between the idealism of our path/religion/philosophy of life, and the way we actualize these? It is this schism which Spiritual Humanism explores and tries to heal. Because it is this darkness between the theory and the practice which creates much of the suffering we see around us, and which most of us personally, and intimately experience every day.

Those who join our Fellowship of true seekers need not embrace the principles of Spiritual Humanism.  This Fellowship is a loose alliance of free spirits who have a deep desire to understand themselves and to live to their fullest human potential in the here and now. Fellow seekers may be Buddhists, Christians, Moslems, Taoists, Secular Humanists, Atheists, Hindu’s or of any other spiritual/philosophical orientation.  The style of approach to human well-being and happiness is not central to our involvement in this Fellowship. Members of this Fellowship are present for one another and passionately interested to be of help and to offer possible guidance and support where appropriate and necessary. We are not here to convince one another of our specific religious/philosophical orientation.  We accept that we are all different, seeking happiness and well-being in many different directions.  But if we have a sense that either our system has failed us, or that we have failed our system, this Fellowship of serious, committed and dedicated folks could prove to be of much help – even if it is only in the knowledge of being there for one another in mutual respect, understanding and compassion.

We are all together in this thing called life and living.  We need one another in various ways, and we need to communicate these needs.  The Spiritual Humanism Fellowship is there to facilitate such sharing and to bring together the true seekers of this world in an attempt to explore and (hopefully) to re-discover ways of living which are truly life-enriching, empowering, fulfilling, liberating and joyful.

Currently this Fellowship exists as a free online activity only. Should members find it necessary to give a more formal expression to the activities of this Fellowship, a center could be established where folks could attend seminars, lectures and meditation sessions, share in discussion groups, explore the full potential of their humanity, develop their insight and intuitive understanding, sensitize themselves to the importance of self-observation and self-knowledge, and learn how to relate with an open heart and caring attitude – all in the context of responsible and responsive community interaction. Naturally such a venture would require considerable financial support, clear leadership and organizational skills.  Yet, given the current state of our world, such a center of excellence, where a new paradigm for living could be pursued and practiced, may prove to be worthy of whatever it may take to get it established.

Your thoughts and creative input would be much appreciated.

Please always remain respectful to the views of others and tactful in your approach to replies or submissions.

To join this online Forum, just click on ‘Forum’ on the Homepage and follow the easy registration instructions. Your privacy is always respected and guaranteed.

You may contact me directly at:  mollerdlr(at)gmail.com.  Please change the (at) to the normal ‘@’.




– An Integral Vision For
Spiritual Unfolding


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Awaken To The Power Of Being

Going beyond words, images, beliefs and conventional spiritual dogma, Möller de la Rouvière describes in engaging, lucid detail a radical and original way to sustainable inner awakening. His humanistic, practical and iconoclastic approach explains in simple, direct language a path to the deepest fulfillment of humankind’s spiritual quest. In a compassionate, insightful, yet practical way, the reader is taken on a unique journey of self-discovery to the heart of their own spiritual reality. The book not only challenges existing traditional approaches to the spiritualization of human life, but offers a penetrative new vision for life-affirming, spiritual living.

  • Discover the living truth of your own spiritual being.
  • Release deep-seated negative psychological material.
  • Learn to relax instantly into true emotional equanimity.
  • Observe and transcend all dysfunctional relational disturbances.
  • Participate consciously in the gradual unfolding of the undivided nature of the living moment.
  • Free yourself from all forms of self-created mental and emotional suffering.
  • Be who and what you are, prior to confusion, disempowerment and life-negative attitudes.
  • Develop complete faith in your own innate wisdom and human-heartedness.



‘ Moller de la Rouviere presents life-changing insights in a manner that is understandable and allows us to become aware of all the inhibitions and blocks we place in the way of our natural, awakened condition.  This book directly points the way to become aware of our deep human potential and to live as loving, generous, sane and happy human beings. What Moller does is to show that each of us has the ability to free ourselves from the bondage of the restrictions we and society put upon us. His message is unambiguous: Life is simple and we complicate it, and we alone can free ourselves from these complications.

If I were given the messages Moller describes in The Only Awakening as a child, I would have had a stress free, more fulfilling life today. I have read approximately half this book and at this point am in no hurry to finish it. There is plenty of work to do with myself before I will be in need of moving further ahead. I have reread the first half and am very inspired. I have never felt this good before in my life. Things that used to get me upset have little impact on me today. What Moller offers is not a step by step rule-rigid process, but a way of looking at ourselves in a realistic, true and integrally freeing manner.  Thank you, Moller,  for sharing your life-awakening work with me.’

William Rioux. USA


South African meditation teacher and author, Möller de la Rouvière sees himself as a student of life.  He has studied and practiced most of the traditional mystical and religious teachings. After a lifetime of deep inner enquiry, meditation and contemplation, he finally came to the realization that in the human condition alone resides the answers to the problems of human life – answers previously seen to be only the preserve of the ‘other worldly’ and religious traditions of humankind.

His philosophy of Spiritual Humanism could be seen as the first comprehensive description of a spiritual path founded upon, and explored entirely from within, human life itself without any  metaphysical, religious or mystical implications.

Möller, who lives in South Africa, communicates extensively with those who have read, studied and worked with his ideas and who are interested in the kind of self-exploration and psychological inner work necessary for sustainable spiritual life.  A true iconoclast, Möller not only breaks down icons of belief, dogma and superstition, but offers a true humanistic alternative for spiritual development and holistic living.

Möller de la Rouvière